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  "Your Community Yoga Studio and Healing Arts Center"


"I really didn't know what to expect when I began yoga. I was nervous to start something new, insecure in my ability, but hopeful I would do ok and actually like it.  I had simple goals in mind when I began.  I wanted to improve balance, flexibility and strengthen myself physically.  What I didn't realize that while doing so I was also was gaining added balance, strength and  flexibility of my thoughts.  Never really understood breathing techniques, how to incorporate them into my life but through practice with you I've found it to be one of the most useful tools to use daily.

Another great benefit for me is the ability to use my body, my strength, my muscles to work out the little aches and pains I sometimes have.  What a great feeling to work out tightness in so many areas of my body by stretching myself and warming up these muscles!   Thankfully, I can honestly say I feel
stronger, not sore after practice and look forward to being able improve and learn more poses and techniques.

Any class is what you make it but, I have to say the group of instructors and clients at Grace Yoga & Healing Pathways are awesome, accepting, very supportive and so friendly.  You really don't need change anything about yourself, I just come and try to do my best and look for the little things I've improved or strengthen on since I first started or even the last practice.  Yoga is something I do for me and when I can't get to class I really do miss it!  Never thought I'd say that..."

L.L., New Yoga Student


"I have been part of Grace Yoga for over 12 years and it has changed the way I look at life. The hatha yoga classes are not only about the physical movements but incorporate the spiritual aspects as well, which to me are just as important. Being part of this yoga family gives me friendship, exercise of mind and body and a refreshing burst of energy to carry out into my daily life.  I can't imagine yoga not being part of my life."

- P.E., Yoga Student  


“I am in my 4th year of Yoga. I began a few months after losing my mother because I felt I needed something special in my life & I certainly have received it.  Not only have I made many new friends, enjoy a family like atmosphere but I’ve seen physical improvements for myself also. I've regained 1/2" on my height, reduced the pressure in my eyes where I'm no longer at glaucoma levels and my asthma has improved through the breathing practices. In addition to that, I feel more relaxed and have a more positive point of view on life. I feel less anxious and irritated as a result of the relaxation at the end of class and learning techniques to accomplish this for myself.  I would highly recommend these classes to anyone. I cannot bear weight on my knee, so my teacher shared modifications that I can use to still practice and gain benefits from the postures.  She even loaned me a book from their library to help explain what I can do and I feel confident using these different techniques to accomplish the same goal.  The instructors at Grace Yoga Studio always give individual attention to ensure you get as much as possible from the classes. The new studio is GREAT…it is most accommodating, as well as beautiful and serene. There are special programs available too.  The rates are reasonable.  I wish I had started this a long time ago!  Thanks to Grace Yoga & Healing Pathways for all that they offer to our community!!”

Yoga Student