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Yoga Instructor: Angie Anderson, LPC, PhD Candidate

Angie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Body Flow and Certified Yoga Instructor who has provided mental health therapy, coaching, and yoga instruction to hundreds of clients. Her balanced approach to helping clients work through many struggles in their lives by intently focusing on their needs and discovering what works for each is a true passion of hers. Her theory, which is based on combinations of social skill development, physical fitness, and spirituality, has helped many and serves as the foundation for the development of Serenity Counseling and Center and Wellness. 

Yoga Instructor: Patty Bartoldus, RYT-200

Patty is originally from Hot Springs, VA relocated to the beautiful New England coast after joining the military. She returned back to the area in 2007 where she began her journey and passion for yoga by participating in a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training program with Anna Pittman at The Breathing Space in Blacksburg, VA.


Patty had a career of high stress jobs and long hours when she finally realized how much her mind and body longed for a different expression of herself. She discovered yoga and meditation and knew this was her new path in life. Yoga has been a life changing gift for Patty and has given her so many precious tools to use on and off the mat.


Yoga has inspired her in many ways and has been instrumental in deepening her path of self-discovery and healing.  She has learned to approach life and situations with patience, kindness and truthfulness.


Yoga has opened up new pathways of healing for her through energy work and other healing modalities. Through her own medical challenges and pain body, she has started to self-heal and loves sharing these various forms of healing modalities with others to help transform body, mind & soul into a more "feel good" place with love, support, and compassion.


Patty is a Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and has been teaching in the Roanoke and Fincastle areas for more that nine years and has been a student of yoga for more than 15 years. She is a Certified Reiki Master, Certified in Aromatherapy and the Raindrop technique using essential oils, as well as a Certified Advanced Thai Yoga Practitioner. She has also trained in Bioenergy healing work with Mietek & Margaret Wirkus in Maryland.


She resides in Botetourt with her husband and their amazing four-legged furry friends. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, painting, music, nature, animals, and people.


She teaches a yoga flow form of Hatha yoga with emphasis on the breath and body awareness as well as beginner and beyond classes. She believes and promotes the transformative and deep relaxation effects that meditation has on the mind, body, and soul. She encourages each student to find his or own "best" pose as yoga meets you where you are. She is truly excited about sharing the gifts that she loves so much with others who honor her with their presence.


Yoga Instructor: Colleen Carrell, RYT-500 

Colleen is a certified and registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, as well as a certified Life Coach. She has been teaching since 1999 and has studied yoga with Debbie Stevens, Anna Pittman of the Breathing Space and Meenakshi Honig of the Integral Institute of Maui. Colleen has completed advanced training through the Asheville Yoga Center's 300-hour curriculum. Colleen also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech and has over 22 years of management experience running both for profit and not for profit businesses. She combines her love of yoga and wellness to offer students a relaxed way to explore creative options in their life and enhance their overall well-being. Colleen is living her vision of holding sacred space for a wellness community that enhances and encourages others to nurture themselves through yoga, along with a variety of other healing arts.


The Yoga Experience:

Colleen has been a student of yoga since 1989 and has taught yoga in the Roanoke Valley since 1999. She has a gentle approach with students as they explore the many benefits of yoga together, especially as a stress management tool. She currently teaches gentle, and beginner and beyond Hatha yoga classes with an emphasis on self-awareness and integrating body, mind and spirit.



Colleen envisions a world where individuals experience their optimum well-being and are inspired to create the life they wish to live in alignment with their very essence; thereby, positively impacting our world.

Yoga Instructor: Caryl Connolly, E-RYT 500

Fifty plus years ago, when Caryl’s children were little, life wasn’t like it is today, but relatively speaking, it was still stressful. A yoga instructor named Richard Hittleman pioneered televised Yoga instruction. He was on TV in the morning and when the kids took their naps, she did Yoga and has been practicing ever since. She has been teaching since 1998, in the Roanoke Valley since 2003 and comes to Roanoke from New Jersey. After some life changing events some years ago, she decided to make Yoga the thing she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Her Basic Yoga Teacher Training was at the Integral Yoga Ashram in Buckingham, Virginia in 1999. Intermediate Teacher Training at the Ashram followed in 2002. Then, Ageless Yoga Teacher Training with John Schlorholtz and Teaching Adaptive Yoga for MS with Karen O’Donnell Clark in 2005 came next as did Back Care training in 2008 and Yoga for Depression in 2011. Caryl has also studied with Kay Hawkins, Amy Weintraub, Doug Keller and Mala Cunningham as well as Rolf Sovik & Shari Friedrichsen of the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale PA. She is a member the Integral Yoga Teachers Association and The Himalayan Institute. She is also registered at the E-RYT 500-hour level with the Yoga Alliance. Caryl taught classes for many years at the Yoga Center in Roanoke, VA until the studio closed.

Caryl has experience teaching all levels of Yoga practices and has a particular interest in teaching adaptive classes for special populations. She has been teaching folks with Parkinson's disease, MS, Seniors, etc., and in nursing homes and hospitals for almost 20 years. She taught Adaptive Yoga for People with Physical Challenges at Health Focus from 2007 until recently when that facility relocated.

Yoga has changed Caryl’s life in very subtle ways. She takes peaceful pleasure in teaching her limited knowledge of this wonderful practice to others. She finds she doesn’t want to go past one day without doing her own asana, pranayama and meditation practice. She still gets stressed when things go wrong, but these emotions are more easily managed. She doesn’t see how one can stay TOTALLY peaceful unless we withdraw from the world and she doesn’t want to do that. Her friends and family are far too valuable to her. So, she continues to live with the “craziness” in the world and relies on Yoga to keep her peaceful, balanced and healthy.

Yoga Instructor: Nancy Harvey, R-HYI, Yoga Instructor with 500 hour teacher training (200 Holy Yoga and 300 YA with Maryland University of Integrative Health)

Over the span of her career as a nurse and nurse practitioner Nancy has striven to bring balance in the lives of the patients and clients with whom she interacts. She started an Ashtanga yoga practice at the gym in about 1998 after recovering from a complicated surgery and found that the combination of postures and breathing and meditation helped her through recovery and added another dimension to her life that she was drawn to. Over the years she continued to study Ashtanga. She brings her passion for yoga together with her Christian faith as a certified Holy Yoga instructor since 2013.

In her transition toward retirement, she plans to develop what she calls her encore vocation as a yoga therapist, bringing together her health care background and yoga skills and philosophy. Although her new practice as a yoga therapist will not include diagnosing medical problems or prescribing medication, it will, more importantly bring together a holistic mind-body philosophy and practice that will empower clients to make changes in their lives to reduce suffering, manage symptoms and improve function.

As a yoga therapist, Nancy walks with yoga clients on their journey to wellness knowing when it is time to step back and allow the empowered client to continue their journey toward the fullness of life. It is her goal to help clients develop the wisdom of body and mind for a joyful, satisfying and contented life.

Yoga Instructor: Irene Malachowsky, RYT-500

Irene is a Registered Nurse working in Cardiac Rehab and Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance. She has practiced and studied yoga for over 25 years with very gifted and generous teachers who believe that yoga should be accessible to everybody. She strives to give students the freedom to practice from a nonjudgmental and honest place; to bring awareness to their inner teacher and the source of their peace. For Irene yoga is an endless journey, one that can serve us through all seasons of our life.   


She was certified by Lighten Up Yoga Teacher Training Institute, a two-year intensive course of study based on the Iyengar method, a 500-hour certification through The Breathing Space in Blacksburg, and certifications through Integral Yoga in Stress Management Training, Cardiac Yoga, Yoga for Osteoporosis, and Yoga for Arthritis.


Like many of us, Irene felt personally challenged with the day-to-day stress of living in our fast-paced world. After much research Irene discovered simple, scientifically-validated techniques to break the cycle of stress and build resilience. As a HeartMath Intervention Practitioner and licensed HeartMath one-on-one provider, Irene now focuses on sharing this practical information and useful techniques with people in the hospital setting and throughout the community. HeartMath is an amazingly effective way of dealing with stress in the moment and complements one’s yoga practice on and off the mat.

Yoga Instructor: Megan Pullin, RYT-200

Megan has been practicing yoga since 2008 and teaching since 2013. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Sid Yoga, a power yoga studio in Towson, Maryland. Later on in 2013, she completed her 30-hour YoKid teacher training at Baltimore Yoga Village. She is currently finishing up her 300-hour Kunga Yoga Teacher Training at InBalance Yoga Studio in Blacksburg, Virginia. Most recently, in February of 2019, she completed her Christina Phipps Foundation teacher training for cancer patients, survivors, and caretakers.

Most of Megan's classes incorporate sun salutations, flowing movements, funky variations, space to breathe, and meditation. Most of all, her intention when teaching is to offer a loving space where we can all explore postures mindfully while listening to the body. Often, those who are new to yoga may think bodies must look a certain way throughout each posture. Megan truly appreciates the beautiful variation of postures throughout all bodies and teaches to that. She always offers options and encourages exploration throughout her students practice! 

For Megan, the beauty of yoga surfaces when we connect to our breath, let go of judgment, and listen to our bodies. She really believes that yoga is about walking with each step on this earth mindfully and in harmony with all beings. She also acknowledges that this life is a practice, not perfection! When we can all come together and practice in a space of love and truth, community and connection is born.

Yoga Instructor: Gail Steele, RYT-500

Gail was introduced to yoga during a prenatal class in the early 1990's and rediscovered it -- after many years of step class! -- while pursuing a career in state government as an environmental engineer. She has been teaching in Roanoke since completing the 200-hour teacher training program at The Breathing Space in 2008. This path was made possible by the loving support of her husband Robert and son Ansel, and the mentorship and guidance of Grace Yoginis Colleen and Irene, local yoga teacher Debbie Stevens and others. Gail’s enthusiasm has been sustained by continuing study, including Asheville Yoga Center’s Your Yoga advanced teacher training and Cyndi Lee’s OM Yoga teacher training program. 

Gail is a licensed massage therapist and was certified as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Yoga Specialist by the Kripalu School of Ayurveda in 2010. She is the owner of Blue Ridge Ayurveda LLC, where she provides Ayurvedic health consultations and treatments ([email protected]). Travel in India and elsewhere has enriched her understanding of hatha yoga as a well-established route to awakening the authentic Self, with positive physical and mental effects extending beyond the mat into everyday life. Gail incorporates sources of inspiration from diverse traditions in her classes to create a unique and enjoyable experience.

Yoga Instructor: Jeff Tiebout

Jeff started practicing yoga in 1978 after reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. After exploring the work of Swami Satchidananda, BKS Iyengar,  Swami Sivananda and Kundalini yoga, he has come to rest in the practice of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri Pattabhi Jois. The dynamic nature of the practice drew him in, how it leads to the practice of Pranayama and meditation is what keeps the practice ever evolving. His primary teachers have been Dee Silvers and Manju Jois and he graduated from their teacher training program in the early 2000s. He has also studied with David Swenson, with Baron Baptiste, the method of vinyasa krama and has learned a lot about how to practice from his friend David Williams. The work of Gregor Maehle has also had a deep impact on him over these last many years. The study of Bhakti and the yogic scriptures have added such joy and depth.  Jeff started and helped run the Blue Ridge School of Massage & Yoga for more than 20 years. He organized and taught the Yoga classes at FloydFest for 18 years.  I’ve come to see the practice of Yoga as a tapestry that weaves together methods that allow us to know, through experience, the truth of who we truly are. I’ve been teaching now for 30 plus years. I try and teach with respect and compassion, humor and understanding. Yoga is joy and it’s for everyone! 

Yoga Instructor: Evelyn (Evie) UrquhartMAEd, LPC, RYT-500 

Evie has been teaching yoga since 2004 when she received her 200 hour certification from Anna Pittman, RYT, in Blacksburg, VA. In 2014, she completed her 500 hour certification at The Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA. In addition to Hatha Yoga, Evie has  also completed training in Restorative Breathwork with Kathleen Barratt and Divine Sleep/Yoga Nidra with Jennifer Reis at Kripalu.

Evie retired from Blue Ridge Behavioral Healthcare in 2012 and is a licensed therapist. In addition to teaching yoga at various locations throughout Roanoke, she has a private practice at The Jefferson Center where she provides individual counseling and guided breathwork and relaxation sessions. Evie loves cats, sci-fi movies, beaches, watching the chipmunks around her house and writing an occasional poem!

Pilates Instructor: Gaby Ball

Gaby is a SCW-EDU/ Polestart Pilates certified Instructor that has been a Fitness Specialist in the Health Field for over 22 years. She achieved her AFAA Primary Group Exercise Certification in 1984, Reebok Step Aerobic certification in 1985, and her Kickboxing, Mad Dog Athletics Spinning and YogaFit certifications in the subsequent years. She discovered the Pilates Method in 2003 while she was attending the Mania Fitness Convention in Florida where she first received her certification.
In 2008, Gabby started her training with Polestart Pilates in Miami, Florida where she attained her Principles of Movement certificate and her Allegro Reformer, Level I, II and III trainings.

Gaby finds great satisfaction in helping her students reach their goal and accomplishments as well as obtaining long term meaningful life changes.  She believes that the passion she feels while teaching Pilates, truly sets the tone for an exceptional workout and can lead you to the development of the body's self awareness and the Core/Back and full body muscle strength needed to support the body through your daily life activities.

Gaby's personal goals are helping others find the path to a better, healthier and happy life.

Bellydance Instructor: Annie Hallmark

Annie has been studying Middle Eastern Dance and culture since 2008. She is dedicated to growing in the dance and travels yearly to study with masters of the art. In addition, she performs and teaches locally here in the Roanoke Valley and in Blacksburg. Annie brings the movement vocabulary of Middle Eastern Dance to you and builds muscle memory and strength through the high intensity, calorie-burning reps of the fitness arena. Come join us for Bellydance Fitness and shimmy your way to a healthier, fitter you!