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Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Short Form: Ashtanga yoga synchronizes breath and movement through a precise sequence of postures. Ashtanga is the original vinyasa based system of yoga. This class is an abbreviated sequence of the Ashtanga Primary Series originally brought to the west by Pattabhi Jois. Detailed instruction will focus on attention to proper alignment, cultivation of breath, bandas (energy gates), flow, and gaze. Class will begin with a short explanation of a yama or niyama we will then transition to the physical practice of asana and follow with a period of guided pranayama and seated meditation.

Beginner & Beyond Hatha Yoga: This class offers a traditional Hatha yoga class utilizing asana (postures), breathing practices, deep relaxation, and guided meditation appropriate for both new and experienced students.

Belly Dancing for Fitness: Bringing the movement vocabulary of Middle Eastern Dance, this class helps you build muscle memory and strength through the high intensity, calorie-burning reps of the fitness arena. 

Chair Yoga with a Challenge: A complete yoga practice, this class allows students the stability and support of the chair while exploring their edges and deepening yoga postures. The chair replaces the mat and becomes an extension of the body, increasing range of motion and flexibility, strengthening muscles and joins, and reducing stress.

Chair Yoga for Seniors: Experience many of the same benefits from yoga during this 45-minute chair class designed for seniors. Our practice will include gentle yoga movements and stretches both in a chair and standing using the chair as a prop, as well as yogic breathing, deep relaxation and guided meditation.

Gentle Yoga: A Hatha yoga class appropriate to all levels and ages that incorporates stretches, strengthening, and gentle flows to increase mobility, flexibility, and strength. Props and modifications are offered to help individuals feel the full benefit of the pose. Meditation and breath work are included to reduce stress and improve feelings of equanimity.

Gentle & Restorative Yoga: Students experience the various elements of a Hatha practice with shorter holds or gentle flowing movements, deep relaxation, and meditation. Additionally, props are used to support the body in some forms that resemble traditional asanas to allow for deeper relaxation and release where one can let go of effort or doing asana.

Pilates: Emphasizing core strengthening, postural alignment, and the breath, this class helps students balance the physical body with a combination of strengthening and stretching for a practice that complements a cardiovascular exercise program.

Power Yoga: This class offers a heating practice for all levels including intention setting, movement, breath work, and relaxation. This practice incorporates strength and stability building postures with variations for all. This class will include various sun salutations, a warrior series, deep twists, expansive heart openers, and restorative hip openers(all of which can be practiced at the wall or with a chair). The idea of this class is to learn new ways to challenge your edge on and off the mat. 

Restorative Yoga: This class will help renew the body and mind by gently supporting the body with props, allowing for letting go of tension and stress. This practice can be a wonderful adjunct for healing and nurturing chronic health conditions. 

Yoga for Cancer: This class is a gentle class that will support one's mind and body during the treatment phase of their recovery. Chairs are available for those who cannot be on the floor.

Yoga Fundamentals for Beginners: Ideal for students new to yoga, this class slowly and mindfully explores poses, breath, and mindfulness allowing students to fully embody their practice and build a healthy foundation in yoga basics and fundamentals. Students will learn basic body mechanics and functional anatomy in order to better understand their bodies’ edges and possibilities while experimenting with body movement and stillness using modifications and props to find and develop the safest and healthiest personal practice for the mind and body!

Yoga Sculpting: This class combines light weights with yoga stretches to increase strength, improve flexibility, build endurance, and sculpt the body. Participants begin with weights and move into sun salutations without weights, wrapping up with a relaxing meditation. Yoga with weights is supportive in building core stability, bone density, and balance.

Yoga Workout: This class will include a balance of fluid movement in and out of postures as well as sustained posture holds. A basic knowledge of posture alignment and comfort in practice is necessary. Varied practices will be offered from week to week to engage and strengthen form and focus.